Do you want to hire us but still have doubts?

Is a professional, who provides services remotely to entrepreneurs or companies that need his help to achieve their goals.

Assistants can handle tasks that are tedious, and repetitive.

He is in charge of innumerable tasks, for example we know that registering the accounting correctly is vital to make decisions in a company and avoid problems with the authorities.

And even if you already have an accountant or are a freelancer, downloading invoices, reconciling bank statements, matching vouchers in the system, or posting transactions are time consuming tasks.

In this hypothetical case, you could hire a Virtual Assistant to help you post, reconcile, download, and associate files. This way you take a load off your shoulders and you can dedicate yourself to creating new strategies or getting more clients.


Absolutely not, you should consider that you will only pay this professional for hours worked or per project. Forget about paying overtime, internet, social security, office rent, desk, cell phone, etc. Telling you that you won’t even have to pay for your assistant’s morning coffee.

So after looking at this, do you still think it’s expensive? Think about it and make the best decision.

I’m sure you immediately thought, the typical image of a young woman, with a business suit and a charming smile. Well I have to tell you that this is just a cliché and one of the top Google results.

Anyone can be a Virtual Assistant, they only have to meet certain requirements to be able to be, and some of them are:

Have a professional degree, advanced English, have more than five years of work experience, have a high level of Excel, know how to handle accounting systems, etc.

Under these criteria we can say that there are virtual assistants women, men, youth and adults.

It can help you with whatever you want and need. Such as: digital marketing, administration, IT, content creation, social media management, customer service, accounting, databases, quotes, executive presentations, translations, etc.

Your Virtual Assistant will work remotely.

But don’t worry about this as it will not affect productivity, activity management or project review at all.

Unfortunately when micro, small and medium-sized companies go into crisis, most of the time they lay off staff, but they want all activities to continue at the same pace as before. This is difficult FOR employees who continue to work in the company.

Faced with this scenario, having a professional Virtual Assistant in times of crisis allows your company to stay alive and that you and all your employees have less stress and BETTER MENTAL HEALTH.

Beyond the professional qualities, which are the easiest to verify. What really matters are human qualities such as:

Effective communication, empathy, problem solving, curiosity, creativity, conflict resolution, kindness, and  frustration tolerance.

This is vital, to have excellent communication and achieve the objectives you want.

If you still have doubts about hiring a Virtual Assistant, send us an email and we will answer you with pleasure.